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20 Mar 2012 | One Comment | 8,067 views

Peyton Manning’s Evolution as a Horse

After 14 years – his entire professional career – with the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning is heading to pastures new.  His new team is the Denver Broncos, bucking expectations that he might join the Dolphins, the Redskins or the 49ers.  But no, those teams were not equine enough for Manning, who seems on track to maintain a horsey theme.

So what will be next for this football thoroughbred?  First a colt, now a bronco, perhaps next a stallion?  One thing is sure; as he gets back in the saddle and takes the reins, ready to jockey for position at his new stable, this record-setting 4-times MVP (Most Valuable Pony) has a bright future.  And after that, perhaps Hollywood.  Word is that Steven Spielberg is interested in using Peyton for his ‘War Horse’ sequel, ‘Man Horse’, although Manning has already unaccountably turned down the sequel to the Jane Fonda 1969 classic ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’

Manning spent the entire 2011 season recovering from a neck injury: good thing he’s not really a horse because he’d probably have been euthanized.  Whatever comes next, we wish Peyton Manning all the best, a rub on the nose, and a lump of sugar.

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One Response to “Peyton Manning’s Evolution as a Horse”

  1. Doc says:

    The Colts once had a costume party at Peyton’s Place. Peyton Manning and I shared a horse costume. He was the head of the horse, and I was just being myself.