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21 May 2011


Donald Trump Raise the Roof

Trump-Palin 2012

30 Apr 2011

Will he? Won’t he? Rumors abound! And does he have a chance now that Obama got Osama?

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Frederick

29 Jan 2011

EGYPT LATEST: Mubarak clings to power. Jay Leno expected to take over soon. Ratings expected to tank.


Hard Candi

25 Jan 2011

Candi Cotton’s Blog: The State of the Union Congressional Prom

Candi Branch Fan

Christmas Specials

14 Dec 2010

Missile Toe is better than Camel Toe.
THEN Candi Cotton & Frederick Pyromaniac light the Yule Log. Will the flame burn bright? And how many buildings will burn down?