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ElectMe ’08

ElectME ‘o8 Episode 29: Hiscock Gets AHead

7 Nov 2008

Follow Edward Hiscock on his fact finding photo op to Europe and the Middle East. Sophie and Julia hit the campaign trail.

ElectME ‘o8 Episode 28: Campaigning Hard

6 Nov 2008

While Edward prepares to look into Putin’s soul, Shawna hits the trail and Amelia takes New York.

ElectME ‘o8 Episode 27: Dog News

5 Nov 2008

The Democratic ticket appear on Dog News to make a case for their candidacy. All does not go well.

ElectME ‘o8 Episode 26: Debatable

2 Nov 2008

The White Housemates hold their first debate. Will Amelia’s candidacy be derailed by her tourrettes?