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Candi Cotton

AMERICAN News Babe Candi Cotton was born Candice Cottonshrub to a conservative oil tycoon in Tyler Texas. An aspiring cheerleader…

Cedric Gyromanic

Cedric Gyromanic

Cedric Gyromaniac in High School was voted most likely to have an opinion about stuff most people don’t care about…

Charlie Shenkoff

Charlie Shankoff

Charles Bartholomew Shankoff, also known as Charlie to his fans, friends and admirers, was a field reporter and news anchor…

Frederick Pyromaniac-web-thumb

Frederick Pyromaniac

On-the-spot reporter Frederick Pyromaniac trained at the Guy Montag Academy of Journalism and Book-burning in Essex, England. As a child…


Patterson Collier

Patterson Collier grew up in a small town east of Madison Wisconsin called Cambridge. Not really being a Packers fan…